Appealing to a large domestic and international business base inevitability leads to in depth opportunity.

In prior dealings, Philadelphia Sales Company has formed arrangements with accomplished professional consulting firms. Our professional contacts vary from former federal elected officials, to top retired corporate executives, to highly successful individuals. Our professional contacts are diverse and spread out in other cities like Atlanta, Boston, New York and Washington, DC.

Based on your immediate or future need, Philadelphia Sales Company can build a flexible project team:

  • Corporate Spokesperson and Media Relations
  • Strategic Consulting in Foreign Business Markets
  • Complete Site Selection Services
  • Capital Intermediary and Formation
  • Market Research
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing and Public Relation Campaigns
  • Unique Sales Training, Development and Team Building
  • Unique Corporate Meetings and Retreat Programs
  • Translation Services
  • Press Clipping Services for Print, TV and Internet

We value the opportunity to learn about your needs, extend the client relationship or simply leave a good first impression by suggesting partners we have identified as well established, highly regarded professionals.