Your "Partners" of agents, brokers, dealers, distributors, retail, VAR's, etc executes the essential function of representing and selling your product and service. If you have a partner or channel program in place, CAPITALIZE ON IT!

Succeed with strong partner relations by providing support, ongoing communications and a personal connection. Philadelphia Sales Company can help you strengthen relations by:

  • Routinely provide in person sales and information visits
  • Distribute and fulfill the brochures, coupons and giveaway needs
  • Conduct "Bagels for Breakfast" and "Lunch and Learn" meetings and short training events
  • Support a pre or post media campaign
  • Identify and engage new opportunity
  • Deliver important same day or next day information
  • Provide support at partner trade shows and other special events
  • Direct partners how to better utilize your web site and other resources

Create, change or supplement your current partner or channel system. The Philadelphia Sales Company can become the essential link between your company and the market, providing valuable feedback to your internal resources at about half the cost of a full time employee.

Increase your visibility, generate more revenue and provide a dependable link of support by having a person in the field promoting, developing and selling your products and services to new and existing partners.

If Your Sales and Implementation Plan Falls Short Addressing Some of the Following Questions, Your Customer Base is Soft and Easily Persuaded by the Competition.

  1. What is our plan to support, educate our partners in the field?
  2. What methods are we using to retain and grow our partners' interest, support and involvement?
  3. How are we supporting advertising campaigns, public and community relations, trade shows and general investment in our branding?
  4. How well are we capitalizing on and attract new opportunity?
  5. What is our plan to communicate with our partners quickly, favorable and effectively during unpredictable market conditions? Are we faster than our competitors?

The Philadelphia Sales Company can develop, support and implement your channel activities with a rapid ROI .